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This website has been created as the practical assessment for Module P20106 Environmental Education, part of the MSc in Primate Conservation at Oxford Brookes University. It provides information on the current implications of the drive to replace fossil fuels with biofuels, in particular focusing on their impact on primates and primate habitats.

The rationale behind the site

As the title of the course suggests, the MSc in Primate Conservation offered by Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, U.K. is concerned with all aspects of primate conservation, both of primates in their natural habitats and in captivity. The full list of modules on the course is as follows:

This website is my submission for the practical component of the Environmental Education module. To meet the requirements of the module, students are tasked with producing an educational resource of their choice.  Whilst I have chosen to create a website, I could equally have chosen to produce a poster, a video, a journal article etc.

The premise of the project is that most primates are arboreal or dependent on forests and are therefore particularly affected by deforestation and forest fragmentation (Cowlishaw and Dunbar, 2000). The following pages will consider some of the issues surrounding this premise and offer some suggestions on what can be done to help.

The outline of the site

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